New Year Release

Two highlights of making this late-winter release of products include making my largest batches yet, and doing more intricate designs than I've attempted in the past!

As we look toward Valentine's Day, I highly suggest you grab some MILK for a relaxing, coconut milk foaming bath. Make sure you throw in a new soap too.

L'Elisir is an addictive new design that I think many men will enjoy. And you just HAVE to try out CHOCOLATE DROP for a decadent scent, TURNED INTO LOVE for it's intricate design with a gorgeous fruity-floral scent; and add in Mm-hmm because it is just...a winner!  


New Stockist and Pop-Up Event

Starting in February, you will be able to find some of our items in the newly-opened Harriet's Bookstore in Philadelphia! We will also have product available at Marsh + Mane on February 22nd, from 3-6pm

We've got another treat for February as well, so stay tuned!

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